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Who processes the signups? When do I get paid?

All signups are processed by CCBill. Your check will be sent out weekly from CCBill.

Is there a minimum amount I have to generate to get paid?

You must have at least $50 due to you before a check is sent out by CCBill. All amounts are accumulated month to month for money under $50.

Can I use photos from site's Member Area?

Please use only photos from free content section. However, if you have enough sales and would like more content or content for your custom made tool, please contact us for login.

Is there a Webmaster Referral Program?

We still don't have Webmaster Referral Program at this time.

How can I see how many sign-ups I'm getting?

CCBill provides real time statistics for our partnership program. [Click to check CCBill stats]


Adult sites only, please. No non-adult free hosted sites.

No spamming.

No site that promotes underage pics, beastiality, warez, or passwords.

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If you have question or just have comment or suggestion, please drop us an email at

We accept any webmaster, Asian or non-Asian site, gallery submitter, or blogger. We will be happy to be a partner with you.